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Knowing that every group of stakeholders holds a vital key to student success, the NLDC hosts offsite professional learning opportunities for administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders and partners with schools and districts to develop a COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT.

Elementary Classroom

Instructional Expertise

Executive and Instructional


doing work together

Team Development


Equity for Excellence


Building School Community through Restorative Discipline Practices 



Anchor Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and how the trainer modeled the Circle process. The "building relationships kool-aid" was delightful!

I have done restorative circles for a long time, and it was refreshing to learn so much new information. Great training, even if you think you know it all!

The workshop was 100% engaging! It is clear Dr. Pannell knows the issues we face and how to help us tackle them!

Implementing the Literacy Leadership Team has really helped us build a culture of literacy in our school. The gaps are closing!

The Literacy and Equity Institute was amazing! It opened my eyes to so many things I had no idea about! I can't wait to get back to my kids!

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